About Us

Founded in 2020, we are a technology consultancy based in Singapore with a global client base of businesses wanting to excel in their digital transformation.

Our mission is to overcome each client's digital challenges so that they can realise their business goals and make real impact.

We take the time to understand and make sense of your intricate business challenges so that we can not only solve the right problem, but also provide you with a knowledge map that will bring clarity and coherence to your future initiatives.

How we work


Our work is powered by a thorough understanding of every client's business domain, so we are confident that the work we do is right for our clients.


No one wins when a good product is built but not utilised. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our client's users, through extensive research, to ensure that our work is crafted with the right people in mind.

Pride in our craft

We’re annoyed by how quality is frequently sacrificed in favour of short-sighted expedience - regardless of the second order consequences. We are unapologetic about striking a balance between quality and speed.

Our Team

We're a collection of highly-specialised humans, each with our own set of unique skills. We enjoy figuring things out – strategising, designing, and engineering digital products and experiences that we take pride in. We're focused on getting the work done but we’re flexible. There’s no politics. We give open feedback across the board.