Management Consultancy

Vendor Evaluation

Helping you to see the actual value regardless of the hype.

Technology is highly trendy. Vendor technology even more so. These days everyone wants to be a web3-API-first-user-centric-super-app and is happy to promise you everything you need if you're happy to use their product. But we know that lots of companies out there are looking for anchor tenants, and many are just looking to repackage the same services in a different format to get a new revenue line.

We can guide and advise you as you make a choice of vendor, software or service - so you pick the service that will get you what you need, but that also comes with a low-risk, high-quality supplier that will be fit for purpose and fulfil obligations at a ‘reasonable’ cost.

We don't work for third parties, and we don't recommend anyone that we don't trust with our personal and professional reputations.